485 Visa Extension: Recent Updates and How to Apply

Exciting news for Australian university graduates! Thanks to the recent 485 visa extension, international students like you can now stay in Australia for an extra 2 years, giving you more time to gain valuable study…

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How to Apply for Student Visa in Australia

To be able to study and experience Australia’s top-notch education, you must first apply for a student visa in Australia. The student visa subclass 500 allows international students like you to: pursue an eligible course…

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Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Want to find out if your skills are currently in demand in Australia? Explore the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) below. This resource can guide your job search and help you make better decisions about your…

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How to create an ImmiAccount? A step-by-step guide

Whether you want to work, study, or live in Australia, Immiaccount is at the center of your migration journey. ImmiAccount is an online platform where you can easily apply for your visa. Here, you can…

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