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Have you ever read an article or seen a video about the headquarters of a Big Tech company like Google or Facebook? Did you notice the emphasis these companies have on providing a fun and happy environment for their employees to work in? Bright murals on tech themes, colorful and very modern décor and relaxing sofas and ottomans, inspiring quotes on many a wall, all the latest equipment – all to facilitate job satisfaction and productivity.

Well, NIT Australia’s facilities remind you of this. Their HQ is like a college equivalent of one of those firms and it aims to project a positive work environment for its students. It certainly models the type of environment they may well find themselves in after graduating.

NIT Australia has been delivering education and training services to international students for the past 5 years. They specialize in ICT training and education and are pioneers in Western Australia in offering Telecommunications Network Engineering training at the vocational level. All of their courses have been designed and developed with the focus on preparing their graduates for the future – with employment as well as pathway to further studies.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers and assessors, NIT helps students develop their skills and knowledge to advance and thrive in their careers in a highly competitive business world. The teaching staff are all passionate about guiding students to reach their full potential based on industry-focused learning outcomes.

NIT is a professional partner of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) – and offers the ACS Professional Year Program to IT graduates looking to develop local industry experience and connections. Placements are helped by NIT’s partnerships with more than 140 companies such as Western Power, Deloitte, and Kiara College.

Furthermore, the college offers ACS Student Membership to all of their ICT students at the diploma level, allowing them to choose from 50 online courses designed specifically to develop the soft skills that are in demand with employers today. Students will receive unlimited access to over 41,000 digital learning assets, thought leadership presentations, and the chance to participate in over 600 events to help them to develop a professional network. By attending ACS networking events, students also get to meet and network with experienced IT professionals and learn about Australian workplace culture.

NIT is also an authorized CISCO Academy, VMware Academy, CompTIA Academy, IBM Academic Initiative Partner and Microsoft Imagine Partner

If you’re interested in pursuing ICT training at the diploma level as an end in itself or else to articulate to higher education (e.g. Edith Cowan University (ECU), Southern Cross University (SCU), Sheridan College, Box Hill Institute, Curtin University), then contact KBA Global today.

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