Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist

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Reunite with family in Australia through the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600. Tailored as a visitor visa for parents and relatives, it allows you to stay and make lasting memories for up to 12 months. 

Read more and explore our checklist, steps for application, and FAQs for a smooth visa application process.

Family-Sponsored Visa Checklist

Below is a list of the documents you must prepare and attach when applying for the sponsored family visitor visa:

  • Identity documents, such as:
    • Copy of your passport (the page that shows your photo, personal details and dates)
    • National identity card
    • Birth certificate (for applicants under 18)
    • Proof of change of name (e.g. marriage or divorce certificates)
    • Recent photo (passport size)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to stay and leave Australia:
    • Bank statements
    • Pay slips
    • Credit card statements
    • Tax records
  • Proof that you’ll leave Australia, such as:
    • Documents showing you studied at an educational institution in your home country
    • Employment details
    • Assets or properties owned
  • Health insurance covers your entire stay in Australia
  • Medical examinations (if you’re asked to)
  • Police certificate from your home country and any country where you spent 12 months or more in the last 10 years since turning 16.
  • Invitation letter from your family member (i.e. inviter) in Australia, including their:
    • Visa status/citizenship
    • Copy of passport
    • Lease agreement (if they’re providing your accommodation)
    • Proof of financial capability (e.g. occupation, pay slip)
  • Sponsorship Form 1149: Application for Sponsored Family Visitors (completed by the invitee) 
  • Purpose of visit to Australia
  • Travel itinerary and accommodation details

Eligibility Requirements for Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600

To be eligible for the subclass 600 sponsored family visa, you must:

  • Be sponsored by an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is an eligible relative:
    • Partner (spouse or de-facto)
    • Parent or child
    • Brother or sister
    • Grandparent or grandchild
    • Aunt or uncle
    • Niece or nephew
    • The step equivalent of the above
  • Meet health requirements

Generally, you must be in good health, free from any illness or disease that could pose a risk to public health.

  • Meet character requirements

Generally, you must not have a history of criminal conduct.

  • Have no debt to the Australian Government
  • Have enough money to cover the cost of living expenses in Australia during your entire stay
  • Be outside Australia when you apply and remain outside until a decision is reached on your visa application

How to Apply for Sponsored Family Visitor Visa

Once you’ve checked your eligibility, follow the simple application steps below:

  1. Create an ImmiAccount.
  1. Start a new application for Visitor Visa (600) and fill in all required fields.
  1. Upload all required documents (e.g. passport, ID, invitation letter, etc.).

See visa 600 checklist above.

  1. Pay the visa 600 application fee of AUD 190.

The processing time ranges from 5 to 10 weeks, but can vary based on your individual circumstances. To avoid unnecessary delays, complete your application accurately, submit all required documents and promptly respond to any additional information requests.

What You Can Do With a Visitor Visa 600

With the 600 Visa Family Sponsored stream, you can:

  • Stay in Australia for up to 12 months
  • Visit and spend time with family and friends
  • Travel across Australia or enjoy cruises
  • Pursue short-term studies that can be completed within 3 months

If your main focus is to study in Australia long-term, apply for student visa instead.

Other Types of Visitor Visa 600

Apart from the Sponsored Family stream, there are other streams under the 600 visa:

  • Tourist stream (onshore)
  • Tourist stream (offshore)
  • Business visitor stream
  • Approved Destination Status stream
  • Frequent traveller stream

Are there other additional charges to consider in the Visitor Visa 600 application?

Apart from the base application fee of AUD 190, you have to pay separately for medical examinations and police checks. 

Who cannot sponsor a family sponsored visitor visa 600?

The following individuals cannot act as sponsors:

  • fiancé or fiancée
  • in-law
  • cousin
  • friend 
  • New Zealand citizen.

Additionally, you are ineligible to sponsor a visitor visa applicant if:

  • You have sponsored a previous applicant for a subclass 600 visa, and the visa has not yet expired.
  • In the last 5 years, you sponsored someone who was granted a subclass 600 visa but did not comply with their visa conditions.

Is there a fee to become a sponsor for the Visa 600?

There is no fee to become a sponsor for a visa 600 applicant.

However, the sponsor might be required to pay a security bond upfront, ranging from AUD 5,000 to AUD 15,000 per applicant. 

This amount will be refunded to the sponsor if the applicant complies with all visa conditions without any violations and leaves Australia before the visa expires.

What are the limitations of the Visitor Visa 600?

You are not allowed to work on a visa 600. If seeking employment is your primary goal, explore Australian working visas instead. 

Also, this visa stream is not suitable for business or medical treatment purposes.

You cannot include family members in your application. Each family member must submit a separate application form. 

Does the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa allow for multiple entries to Australia?

Typically, this visa only allows for a single entry. This means that once you leave Australia, you cannot return on the same visa and, thus, would need to apply for a new one.

However, in certain circumstances, you may be granted a multiple-entry visa. This allows you to travel outside Australia and return as often as you wish within the visa’s validity period.

Can I apply for another visa in Australia while holding a 600 Visitor Visa?

Generally, you can’t apply for a new visa in Australia since the Family Sponsored Visitor Visa 600 has a ‘No Further Stay’ condition (8503) attached to it.

Disclaimer: The above information is a general guide and not professional immigration advice. Be aware that immigration laws and regulations can change swiftly, potentially rendering some or all of the information outdated. Thus, before using the information above, we recommend checking the current laws with assistance from a migration agent or the Department of Home Affairs website.