PTE in Darwin

With an exponential growth in the number of Australian immigrants each year, more test-takers than ever are choosing PTE Academic as their preferred English language exam, be that for studying, working, or any other purposes. As the demand for PTE tests grew, Pearson has opened 12 new Centres in Australia alone in 2018, covering major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide Perth.

With every other state in Australia relishing this moment of glory, there was one state which had been an exception, with no PTE test center of its own- Northern Territory. The nearest Test Centre was hundreds of kilometers away in a different state. The candidates from the NT were in a quagmire having to fly there, coughing up hundreds of dollars. They sometimes would spend thrice as much just for the commute as they would for the test. Just about when aspirants were about to give up hope of a Test Centre ever coming to the NT, Pearson launched their first-ever Centre in Darwin on September 4, 2019.

Opening a PTE Test Centre in the NT had been on the cards for years, however, it had been laid-off with low no of candidates being one of the major reasons. With the recent Visa changes, the demography of NT also started changing. Hundreds of immigrants- mostly students, from all over Australia, started flying into the regional areas of Australia- Darwin and Alice Springs being most popular in the NT. As the number of potential test-takers grew in Darwin, it became quite evident that opening a Test Centre here would be worthwhile. Hence, Pearson and GTNT (Group Training Northern Territory) liaised together and made this dream of thousands come true.

PTE Test Preparation Centre in Darwin City

A PTE Test Centre is not the only thing that is new to Darwin. It now also has a brand new PTE training and coaching center. The center is named iLearn PTE, which is a sister company of Darwin’s very own education and migration consultancy, KBA Global. iLearn PTE strives in offering the best PTE training classes in the market. We aspire in equipping our students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully achieve their aimed scores in the test. Being established with the primary aim of providing appropriate guidance to the students, and mentoring them through the process, we have left no stones unturned in creating the best learning environment.

One of the defining characteristics of iLearn PTE is our student-focused customized training program. Not everyone has same the approach when it comes to comprehending or learning things, and some perceive things differently than others. At iLearn PTE, we identify the students’ needs and work around them providing the best preparation classes in the area. We also run interactive sessions during the class; which ensure that all the students in any given group are on the same page, and no one is left behind.

Moreover, the classroom is equipped with everything one would expect to have in any quintessential training center. Candidates seeking help with the test preparation can expect to be offered the highest of standards there is in delivering the best PTE training- from training materials to lectures. This is one of the salient features that make iLearn PTE unique. Any student that enrolls in any of our classes, savors many other enticing benefits, such as:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons
  • Individual Consultations
  • Detailed Lecturers
  • Tips, Tricks, Advice
  • Ample Practice Materials
  • Mock Test
  • Pre-exam One-on-One Session

There lies exciting time ahead for Darwin, as it welcomes its first-ever PTE Test Centre, and a full-fledged PTE Training and Coaching Centre to complement it. This is certainly going to endorse more immigrants to Darwin who see Australia as their future home and help the Australian economy flourish.