NIT Australia Professional Year Program

As an international IT student, the best way to improve your job prospects is to take part in a Professional Year (PoY) Program. This is a great opportunity to gain local work experience furthermore it helps you connect with local industry contacts.

NIT Australia is one of two colleges in Western Australia that runs the Australian Computer Society(ACS) Information Technology(IT) PoY program. But it is an exclusive educational institution in the state that focuses solely on IT.

NIT’s PoY has been running for four years and they now partner with 150 local IT companies in the program.


Any Bachelor or Masters student who has studied for at least TWO years in Australia is eligible for the PoY.

What’s included in NIT professional year program?

Participants will complete 32 weeks of once-a-week sessions with trainers with an IT industry background. Training for these face-to-face classes is highly practical. Classes also take place on Saturdays enabling participants to continue with their weekly activities (including work).NIT Australia Professional Year Program

Internships comprising 250 hours then follow – and PY students are properly prepared for this time of gaining industry experience, with the final classes including mock interviews by industry representatives.

NIT makes a 100% guarantee that all professional Year students will get to do an internship.

After you complete a Professional Year

After completing the internship (and so the PoY Program), a participant will get a Skill Assessment and possibly points towards a Skill Visa, should they be interested in pursuing this path.

If you’re interested in participating in NIT’s PoY Program then contact us now – they have monthly intakes to cater to demand.