International IT students can be a part of Western Australia’s Tech Boom

Using satellite imagery to provide data for global intelligence reports…

A time-saving service for e-commerce entrepreneurs…

An app used by thousands of businesses and job seekers that slashes the recruitment time for hiring temporary staff…

These are just some of the successful ideas that have been developed by start-ups that are part of Western Australia’s emerging tech boom. In fact, there are now more start-up businesses in the state than ever before and the Australian Computer Society’s ‘Digital Pulse’ report released a few months ago projects the state’s IT workforce to grow 3.2% annually over the next five years.

That’s an additional 10,000 new jobs by 2024

But in 2018 only 267 students graduated with IT qualifications from WA universities – so, the opportunities to study IT in Perth and then look to fill one of those thousands of emerging jobs are huge.

What’s more, the Western Australian government releases a jobs list every year ranking occupations they will specially consider for State Nominations for the General Skilled Migration/PR ‘graduate stream’. These are occupations the government considers critical to the state either due to labour shortages and/or expected near-term future demand. A #1 ranking is an occupation with the highest possible demand and *IT Security Specialists* have a #1 ranking in the latest list.

Cybersecurity is just one of many specialisations international students can undertake as part of a Bachelor of IT in universities such as Edith Cowan College, Southern Cross University and others.

If you’re interested in studying IT and want to take advantage of this huge opportunity hurry up and contact us ahead of the annual mid-year intakes.