Bridging Visa B: Benefits, Eligibility and Process

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Need to travel outside Australia while waiting for your new visa to be approved? Know first the steps on how to apply for a Bridging Visa B. With a BVB, you can fly overseas for work, family, or other personal matters.

BVB requirements, visa costs, and FAQs are all covered in this quick guide.

What is a Bridging Visa B?

The Australia Bridging Visa B, or BVB, is a type of bridging visa that allows you to leave and reenter Australia within a specified period, while you wait for the approval of your new substantive visa. 

The BVB and all other bridging visa types function as they’—they act as a ‘bridge’ or buffer. When your current visa expires and you’re still awaiting a decision on your new visa application, the temporary bridging visa then takes effect. This allows you to continue staying in Australia legally.

How to Apply for Bridging Visa B

To apply for a Bridging Visa B, you must do so online via your ImmiAccount.

  1. Log in to your ImmiAccount.

You must create an ImmiAccount if you don’t have one yet.

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  1. Browse through your list of applications. Click on ‘View details for the visa’ under the new substantive visa for which you’ve submitted an application.
  1. Under the ‘Menu’ section, click on ‘Bridging visa’. Then, click ‘Apply for bridging visa’.
  1. Under reason for applying for a bridging visa, tick ‘to seek permission to travel outside of Australia (application for a Bridging Visa B’. 
  1. Fill in the necessary information, which includes your passport details, details of your overseas travel, contact information and health and character declarations.
  1. Attach the required documents and click ‘Submit Now’ to proceed with your Bridging Visa application. 
  1. Pay the BVB application fee.

If you encounter any issues lodging your application in ImmiAccount, you may apply using the Department of Home Affair’s online webform.

Australia Bridging Visa B Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

You’re eligible for a BVB if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your current substantive visa is expiring and you’ve applied for a new substantive visa; or
  • Your previous substantive visa (e.g. student visa or work visa) has expired and you hold either a BVA or a BVB; or
  • You’ve applied for a judicial review on a previous visa decision and are on a BVA or another type of bridging visa while the review process is ongoing
  • You are physically present in Australia during your BVB application and when a decision is made on it.

Required Supporting Documents

Below is a checklist of the necessary documents you must prepare for your BVB aplplications.

  • Coloured copies of your passport showing your photo, personal details, and passport dates.
  • National identity card
  • Proof of change of name (e.g. marriage or divorce certificate), if applicable
  • Police certificate (if required)
  • Proof of compelling reasons for departing and returning to Australia, including:
    • Travel itinerary
    • Flight tickets
    • Invitation or event details
    • Medical certificate (for medical treatments or emergencies)
    • Employment certificate (for work-related cases)

Bridging Visa B Processing Time

The BVB processing time can range from 1 day to 14 days. 

To avoid delays in your application, make sure to accurately complete your online application and promptly respond to any additional information requests.

Bridging Visa B Fee

The Bridging Visa B costs 180 AUD. 

Family members included in your Bridging Visa B application are already covered in this one-time charge.

Bridging Visa B Conditions

Once you’re granted a Bridging Visa B, there are specific visa conditions you must follow. You can review them on your ImmiAccount or do a quick VEVO Check

Travel Restrictions

You may leave and reenter Australia with a BVB, but you may only do so within the travel period specified by the Department.

Make sure you reenter Australia before your travel facility expires. Otherwise, you risk visa refusal or cancellation.

If you need to travel outside Australia but the specified travel period has already ended, you must start a new Bridging Visa B application. You must not leave Australia until you’re granted a new BVB.

Work Rights

At times, you may be permitted to work on a Bridging Visa B, but with some restrictions. For example, you must only take jobs related to your field of study (Condition 8102) or have limited work hours. 

If your BVB comes with condition 8101, you cannot work while holding a BVB.

Study Rights

You may be able to pursue your studies while on a BVB.

However, keep in mind that study rights aren’t granted automatically. It typically depends on whether your previous substantive visa allowed it and is ultimately at the discretion of the Department.

Bridging Visa B Duration

Your BVB remains active and lasts until one of the following situations occur: 

  • You are granted the new substantive visa.
  • Your substantive visa application is rejected.
  • The Department cancels your substantive visa and attached BVB
  • Your judicial review process is finished.

When should I apply for a BVB?

You should begin your BVB application at least 2 weeks (but not more than 12 weeks) before your planned departure from Australia. 

How will I know if my BVB has been approved?

To know if your BVB has been approved, check your ImmiAccount dashboard. You will see your visa details including:

  • Visa grant number
  • BVB travel period
  • Visa conditions (e.g. work restrictions, study limitations, etc.)

Alternatively, you can check your email linked to your ImmiACcount.

Do I need to apply for a Bridging Visa B?

You need to apply for a Bridging Visa B if you plan to travel outside of Australia while waiting for a decision on your new visa application or the results of a judicial review you requested.

Typically, if you’re current visa has expired or is about to expire, the attached Bridging Visa A will automatically take effect. However, the BVA doesn’t allow you to travel outside Australia, which is why you must apply for a BVB.

Can I stay longer with a BVB?

No, you cannot stay longer with a BVB. You must apply for and be granted a substantive visa to continue legally staying in Australia.

Can I include family members in my BVB application?

Yes, you can include family members in your BVB application, such as your spouse or de facto partner and children.

However, you should include only those family members in your application who have significant reasons to travel outside Australia. Other members without the necessity to leave can remain in Australia on their existing bridging visas.

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Disclaimer: The above information is a general guide and not professional immigration advice. Be aware that immigration laws and regulations can change swiftly, potentially rendering some or all of the information outdated. Thus, before using the information above, we recommend checking the current laws through assistance from a migration agent or the Department of Home Affairs website.