Top 5 Best Courses to Study in 2021

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Australia has always been an attractive place with great benefits for international students. It is home to top ranked universities and has great quality of life (4th in the world). The country is beautiful and has varied climates based on where you want to live. Therefore, it is a great place to live, study and build your career in 2020 and will be in the future. To find out what are the top five best courses to study we have to compare between what pays the best and what are sectors that are likely to have a higher probability of getting employed. Then, we will compare findings to get the best of both worlds.

Top courses to study in Australia in 2021 based on Salary

1. Anaesthetist

An anaesthetist is a part of a surgical team who is responsible for ensuring that the levels of general or local anaesthetic are properly administered. They earn from $123,000 to $310,000 in a year. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides their median income to be $382,242 which means almost half of the people in this profession earn more than that per year.

To work in this field, you will need to complete a medical degree, followed by several years of hospital training. In Australia, an anaesthetist will need to complete five years of specialist training with Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetist.

2. Surgeon

A surgeon is the person who is responsible for diagnosis, operation and post-operative treatment of a patient. A neurosurgeon can be paid as high as $600,387 in a per year but generally surgeons are paid on average of $320,186 per year.

To work in this field in Australia, you’ll need to complete a 4-year medical degree and postgraduate study, followed by five to six years of surgical training. All surgeons have to begin their training as general surgeons and then they can choose what to specialize in.

3. Internal medicine specialist or general practitioner (GPs)

Internal medicine specialists or general practitioners are doctors or health care specialists who generally work in a health care setting like a hospital or clinic. They diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. GPs on average earn about $268,247 per year.

To work in this field, you will need to complete a medical degree and a postgraduate degree.

4. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are mental health practitioners who diagnose and treat various mental health disorders. They can earn on average $213,683 per year.

To work in this field, you will need to complete a medical degree and training. You also need to have permanent residency in Australia.

5. Mining Engineer

Mining is a popular occupation in Australia and is one of the highest paying industries. Job of mining engineer involves planning, coordination and directing the extraction and management of minerals, oils and other natural materials from the Earth’s surface. Mining engineers on average earn $156,126 per year in Australia.

Other sectors such as financial dealer, engineering manager, marketing director, air transport professional and web developer follow this trend.

Top courses to study in Australia in 2021 based on Employability

Employment is projected to rise in 17 of 19 industries in Australia over the five years to May 2023 ( Around two thirds of this new jobs during this period are expected to come from four industries.

  1. Health Care and Social Assistance (up by 250,300, or 14.9%).
  2. Construction (118,800, or 10.0%).
  3. Education and Training (113,000, or 11.2%).
  4. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (106,600, or 10.2%)

Similarly, department of employment (employment outlook, 2019) also project the most likely occupations that are grow in five years will be:

  1. Aged and Disabled Careers
  2. Registered Nurses
  3. Child Careers
  4. Software and Application Programmers
  5. Waiters
  6. Education Aides
  7. Chefs
  8. Primary School teachers
  9. Kitchenhands
  10. Advertising, Public relations and Sales managers

Looking at the data the courses where there is most probability of securing an employment are:

  1. Medical Science and Nursing
  2. IT, Software development or Computer Science
  3. Hospitality and Cookery
  4. Education
  5. Business Management, Finance and Advertising

By combining our findings of lists based on salary and based on employability, the following are the top 5 courses in Australia and choosing them will not only ensure you higher salary but greater chances of finding employment.

  1. Medical science and Nursing
  2. Business Management and Finance
  3. IT, Software development or Computer science
  4. Engineering
  5. Marketing

Other courses in following these will be Professional and Technical Education, Education, Hospital and Cookery.

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