Aged Care Labour Agreement: How to Sponsor Overseas Workers in the Aged Care Sector

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The Aged Care Labour Agreement in Australia is a plan by the government to help aged care providers hire skilled workers from overseas. Under this program, eligible employers can sponsor workers to fill critical roles in aged care homes.

Its benefits are two-fold: 

  • Aged care employers can more easily fill positions where local talent is unavailable.
  • Qualified workers overseas have the chance to work in Australia’s growing aged care sector, and potentially achieve permanent residency later on.

Read further for the latest updates about the agreement, including employer eligibility, concessions available and steps for application.

Aged Care Labour Agreement List of Occupations

Employers can source overseas skilled workers who qualify for these ANZSCO occupations:

  • Nursing Support Worker (ANZSCO 423312)
  • Personal Care Assistant (ANZSCO 423313)
  • Aged or Disabled Carer (ANZSCO 423111)

Roles associated with the occupations above include: 

  • assistant in nursing
  • aged or disabled care worker
  • personal carer
  • personal care worker
  • hospital orderly
  • patient services assistant
  • wardsperson
  • health care assistant
  • therapist’s assistant

Sponsorship Visa for Aged Care Workers in Australia

Under the Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement, employers can sponsor overseas workers via the following visa options:

Workers can stay up to 4 years in Australia.

Workers can stay in Australia indefinitely as permanent residents.

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Is an Aged Care PR Pathway available?

Yes, the Aged Care Labour Agreement offers a PR pathway for aged care workers.

The 482 visa serves as the primary entry point visa for aged care workers overseas. After 2 years of full-time work in a direct care occupation, sponsoring employers can nominate them for a permanent visa 186.

Terms and Concessions Under the Aged Care Labour Agreement

Under the labour agreement, concessions are put in place to streamline the recruitment process and make it easier for employers to access the skilled workers they need. This includes:

  • English language concessions
  • No post-qualification work experience requirement
  • Streamlined visa nomination and priority visa application processing
  • Pathway to permanent residency after two years via the Subclass 186 (ENS) visa
  • Annual salary of at least AUD 51,222 or the Australian Market Salary Rate, whichever is higher.

Overseas Worker Requirements for Aged Care Visa Australia

In line with the concessions above, these are the requirements that overseas workers must meet to become eligible for nomination under the Aged Care Labour Agreement.


The applicant must either:

  • Hold at least a relevant AQF Certificate III qualification completed overseas or overseas equivalent, with vocational placement/practical training.

Relevant qualifications include those in aged care, ageing support, geriatric care, disability care/support, individual support, home and community care and nursing.

  • Have at least 12 months of relevant and full-time (or part-time equivalent) paid work experience

For this option, the applicant must provide a professional reference detailing skills and tasks undertaken for the employment period and signed off by a nursing supervisor.

Skills Assessment

If the applicant completed a relevant qualification overseas or claims work experience as a substitute for the formal qualification, they must undergo and achieve a positive skills assessment.

The two skills assessment authorities are as follows:

  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC): for qualifications and skills related to nursing and midwifery professions
  • Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA): for skills and qualifications in the community services sector, particularly in aged care and related fields.

Note: Applicants do not need a skills assessment if they obtained their qualification in Australia.

English Requirements

Applicants must achieve the following English proficiency requirements:

VisaRequired English Proficiency
482 Visa (TSS Visa)IELTS 5.0 or equivalent
IELTS 4.5 or equivalent 
(for workers with target community language skills employed by culturally and linguistically diverse aged care providers)
186 Visa (ENS Visa)IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

Employer Requirements for Aged Care Visa Sponsorship

To be eligible for sponsorship under the Aged Care Labour Agreement, employers must fulfil certain steps outlined by the Australian Government.

1. Negotiate an MoU With Union/s

Employers must first negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with relevant unions representing workers in the aged care sector. This includes:

  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF)
  • Health Services Union (HSU)
  • United Workers Union (UWU)

A registered migration agent can help you connect and make arrangements with the right union for your situation.

In this stage, terms and conditions of employment are established and labour testing occurs.

2. Request Access to Aged Care ILA

Via ImmiAccount, employers must submit a request to the Department of Home Affairs to access the Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement. They must provide the MoU as part of the request.

3. Submit Nominations

After gaining access to the Aged Care ILA, employers can nominate overseas workers for either the TSS visa or ENS visa. Once nomination has been done, this potential employee must lodge their aged care worker visa application, which will be treated with high priority. 

The applicant can start working for their employer once their visa is approved.

Application Fees

Below are the latest fees associated with the visa application.

Visa applicant482 visa application base cost: AUD 3,035
186 visa application base cost: AUD 4,640
Sponsoring employerSkilling Australians Fund Levy: varies depending on business size and duration of the worker’s stay
482 visa nomination cost: AUD 330
186 visa nomination cost: AUD 540 (exempt if the position is located in regional Australia)

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Disclaimer: The above information is a general guide and not professional immigration advice. Be aware that immigration laws and regulations can change swiftly, potentially rendering some or all of the information outdated. Thus, before using the information above, we recommend checking the current laws through assistance from a migration agent or the Department of Home Affairs website.