Shambhu Kadel

Shambhu Kadel

Director / Principal Migration Agent / MARA No: 1386072

Shambhu Kadel is an experienced business leader and currently leading KBA as a director. He has ten years professional experience. He worked as a teacher, manager and public service officer. He has learned enough skills to share with you about Australian education, Australian career development, and other life skills which you need while you are in Australia. His counselling skills are uniquely targeted to your need.

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More about Shambhu

Shambhu is a proven business leader with multiple entrepreneurial ventures that have been running successfully under his guidance and mentorship. He is a true-blue serial entrepreneur who has led successful business ventures across industries including Migration, Education, Hospitality, and Corporate Facilities Management just to name a few. He is also an influential force across the political spectrum and actively involved in bringing international business ventures into Australia. Shambhu leads a sizeable business operation with 5 offices in major Australian capital cities apart from 5 offices in Nepal and 1 in the Philippines.

Shambhu Kadel, an Education and Migration Consultant, is an influential public speaker and strategic thinker. In his current role as an Executive Director, he has developed business strategies, marketing plans, human resource management strategies and business expansion plans. He has been instrumental in expanding KBA literally into a KBA Global across Australia, Nepal and Philippines, within a short span of seven years.

In his previous role as ICT Security Officer in the Northern Territory Government, he wrote and developed policies and procedures related to ICT Security Strategy, Audit and Management of Information Assets.

Shambhu is a believer in teamwork and strong work ethics. A people person, Shambhu is also currently working on bringing on foreign investment in Northern Territory (NT) and has a special interest in developing the NT as a tourist destination.

Shambhu has been working persistently on Regional Migration Law and Career Mentorship with a special motive of empowering young graduates achieve their best potential. He has guided hundreds of graduates in choosing their career successfully and still has a long way to go in terms of assisting and offering his expertise for the betterment of society.

Shambhu holds Graduate Certificate in Migration Law from Australian National University, a Masters in Information Technology from University of Southern Queensland) and Bachelor in Computer Application from Pokhara University.

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