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The much-awaited MINT (Migration Innovation Northern Territory) program is back again with its 2nd season i.e. MINT 2019/20. The first MINT program was concluded in early 2019 after receiving an overwhelming response.

MINT is an initiative owned by the Paspalis Group and supported by the Northern Territory Government that assists overseas nationals with obtaining Northern Territory Government nomination if they have demonstrated commitment to supporting the Northern Territory’s innovation ecosystem as well as meet the nomination criteria set by the Northern Territory Government.

The minimum initial investment for MINT 2019/20 is A$ 515,000. About 80% of that fund would be invested in Northern Territory Government Bonds which has a stable, low-risk return of up to 1.2% per annum. Remaining 20% of the fund would be injected in early-stage Venture Capital.

After successfully demonstrating the commitment and nomination criteria, investors would be issued nominations leading to the Australian permanent residency.

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Northern Territory (NT)

Gateway to Asia, Northern Territory offers a dynamic and progressive environment, yet has a relaxed and friendly place. With the finest of sunsets, Darwin, the capital of Northern Territory is a multi-cultural city with beautiful beaches and home to biggest rock in the world.

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With its 13 offices worldwide, KBA Global Pty Ltd is a true territorian with its 3 offices in Northern Territory, including its head office. KBA Global has worked successfully with Darwin Innovation Hub and the Northern Territory Government during MINT 2018-19.

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